North City Shingle Supplies
North City Shingle Supplies

Drainage Chip 40mm - 20mm

North City Shingle Supplies Ltd

Drainage Chip 40mm-20mm

North City Shingle Supplies Ltd
NCSS Quality Drainage Chip Product. Deliveries
Porirua Basin, Wellington City, Hutt Valley & Kapiti Coast.

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40mm - 20mm Drainage Chip

40-20 Drainage Chip

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Delivery hours and cost.

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm.
Saturday Morning 8:00am - 12:00 noon.

You can place an order through out the week to guarantee Saturday Delivery. (Check Maximum Load on actual Product Page) !important. m³ = Cubic Meter.

Aotea, Porirua City, Ranui Heights, Tawa, Titahi Bay.

(½m³ - 2½m³ or Max load $35.00) (2½m³ - 6m³ or Max load $55.00).

Churton Park, Papakowhai, Paremata, Plimmerton, Whitby.

(½m³ - 2½m³ or Max load $40.00)  (2½m³ - 6m³ or Max load $60.00).

Grenada, Johnsonville, Khandallah, Newlands, Pukerua Bay.

(½m³ - 2½m³ or Max load $50.00)  (2½m³ - 6m³ or Max load $60.00).

Karori, Lower Hutt, Ngaio, Paekakariki, Wellington City.

(½m³ - 2½m³ or Max load $60.00)  (2½m³ - 6m³ or Max load $80.00).

Island Bay, Miramar, Paraparaumu, Seatoun, Upper Hutt.

(½m³ - 2½m³ or Max load $70.00)  (2½m³ - 6m³ or Max load $90.00).

How to use
NCSS Quantity Calculator.

First click (right) top window where it says Length m enter your length. Enter your width the same as above Width m.

Same with Depth m. Important to Remember When Part or Less than a Metre say 0.036mm you can enter .036 or 0.036. But you must have the decimal point, or you'll calculate 36 meters instead of 36mm. Once you have your 3 measurements entered. Click with your mouse the calculate button for your answer in cubic metres. If you are not familiar with metric’s reference: $1.00 = 100 cents. 1.000m = 1,000mm.

Quick example. Length m (2), Width m (2), Depth m (2) = 8m3.

You don't have to refresh the page to re use the calculator. You can change any or all the amounts entered and re use the calculate button.

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